Conservation through Understanding, Awareness and Collaboration


The Pangolin Consortium, is a body of North American facilities, both private and public, who are committed to the conservation of pangolins worldwide. The Consortium’s primary interest is in supporting conservation programs of African species. As such, African species will be given more consideration in the selection process. However, in the Consortium’s effort to support worldwide conservation of pangolins, applications pertaining to Asian species will be given due consideration.

Dates and Deadlines

Proposals for 2020 are now open. Proposals for 2020 will be accepted from February 16, 2020 – May 31, 2020. The Pangolin Consortium will acknowledge receipt of your application by email, within two weeks of receipt. Decisions will be made by July and funding will become available in August 2020.

Additional Information

Grant funding will range between $1,000 and $5,000 US dollars. Transfer of funds for approved applicants will only be made through legally recognized NGOs and not individuals. Examples of acceptable receiving entities are legally chartered non-profit organizations or universities in range countries or countries where the research will take place. All applicable taxes, tariffs or associated fees involved with the transfer of funds will be the responsibility of the receiving organization/institution.

The Pangolin Consortium will consider research that involves both in-situ and ex-situ efforts that contribute to sustainability of the species.

All proposed projects must have an identified start and completion date not to exceed a two year period, a fully defined product and a detailed budget. Longer research projects may be considered, but only when divided into two year periods with a defined product for each period. The Pangolin Consortium does not guarantee continued funding for projects over two years.

Utilizing the Pangolin Consortium’s funding for leveraging for matching grant opportunities is acceptable when funding of the project exceeds the Consortium’s maximum funding limit. When this situation occurs the Pangolin Consortium must receive information regarding the source of additional funding and a time frame for approval and receiving the additional funding. A Letter of Intent to award will be provided the applicant until such a time as the additional funding has been awarded at which time the Consortium will make the funds available.

However, in such circumstances where the required additional funding is not obtained the Pangolin Consortium will withdraw its funding offer until such a time as the additional funding is obtained. The Pangolin Consortium will hold the approved funding for a period of 6 months after which time if additional funds are not awarded to the project the Pangolin Consortium will withdraw funds and close the application.

Areas of Particular Interest

Field research pertaining to: pangolin habitat, habitat use, territorial aspects and/or social dynamics, ecology, behavior, nutrition, reproduction, physiology, population sustainability, genetics, human/animal interactions including subsistence use and cultural interface with human populations.

Professional care research pertaining to: overall husbandry, nutrition, reproductive physiology, preventative health and health care, welfare, sustainability, genetics, development of methodology for improving field research efforts, and for improving assay parameters pertaining to all the above.

Selection, Funding, and Reporting

Applicants will be contacted in July regarding the selection of the projects. All recipients of Pangolin Consortium grants must agree in writing to provide a final detailed report on the project including product and budget expenditures, between 90 and 120 days after the identified project completion date in the application. Reports should also include any relevant images, video, and/or product samples (e.g. posters) from your research that can be used to highlight the project and the Pangolin Consortium Fund. Sponsoring NGOs will be expected to ensure the PI(s) provide this report.

In addition it is strongly recommended that researchers provide periodic BLOGS with photos from the field suitable for posting on the Pangolin Consortium web site and those supported by member institutions.

Funding Not Provided For

Visitor surveys, training (except for foreign researchers) and travel (except to bring foreign researchers to meetings) are not appropriate for this fund. Salaries/stipends are not eligible for funding (with the exception of locally hired support staff in project countries). Organizational overhead costs are also not to be included in funding proposals.


To apply for a Pangolin Consortium Grant ONLINE, please fill out the digital application online. This is the preferred way to apply.

If you are unable to apply via the digital application form, please DOWNLOAD the application form HERE, print it, fill it out, and UPLOAD the completed form with all documentation.

Keep a copy of your application for your records. You’ll be emailed a digital copy after submission. If funded. we may ask you to provide specific information from the completed application as proof that funds will be sent to the correct party.

Contact Us If you have any questions, comments, or concerns.